Friday, July 10, 2009

rabbits and dimes

As many of you know, we are often guided by our spirit guides. I feel that they may leave signposts along the way. I feel that my guide leaves dimes. (story about that in my book -- also on blog)
I have not had any dimes show up in an unexpected way in a while. Today, however, one certainly did. I was in my car, fixing to take a bite from a doughnut (like i need it, but hey, i did it, i admit it) when I felt some cold pressure on my CLEAVAGE. I thought, "what in the world did I drop on me?" I reached over to pick it off, thinking it was icing or something-- but -- it was-- A DIME. Seriously, I had a dime stuck on there. I put it in my purse. 10 minutes later-- another dime was sitting on the console.... that I just vacuumed.
I love stuff like that.
I am feeling that rabbits are the animal totem to watch right now. If you find you are seeing more rabbits than usual -- then it is a reminder that there is abundance, tho we may not always believe it-- that it is a time of renewal, rejuvenation, as well as a time to be watchful and cautious of those who might take advantage of you.