Friday, July 10, 2009

shoe store

I have told several and I feel I need to repeat it as I am seeing many people for whom this seems to "fit." As we travel through life, we are on a certain path that is prepared for us. Then, of course, for most of us that path comes to an end and another begins. Imagine that you are walking on a path and you suddenly come upon a shoe store. you realize that your shoes that you have worn til now are worn out. You need new shoes and so you go into the store. there are so many to choose from and all of them cost 50.00 which is how much money you have exactly-- so-- you can pick one pair. these have to do you for a while so you might need to try on several in order to see what fits best. some people may go, grab the first ones and go. they may be lucky as the boots or sandals or whatever- work just fine. but it would be a same to choose sandals if your path leads thru mud, or boots if it is sun and sand. So, take time to think about what might be on your chosen path and take with you the right "tools" or "shoes" that will serve you best. if you have been thinking about needing new shoes lately, and maybe you really do-- or maybe not-- then maybe it is not just shoes you need, but it is a symbol suggesting that you may be having some new adventures on a old path, or a new path that calls for new steps altogether.