Monday, July 13, 2009

sorting out random energy

We are all being bombarded with random energies at all times. Sensitives will often pick up these energies, as most anyone can, actually, and sometimes they feel uncertain as to what they should do with this. I am not sure that there is anything that needs to be, nor can be done in many cases. Sometimes it is merely to witness the events that are taking place on this planet at this time. Witnessing events does not always call for action. IF action is required, then circumstances will conspire to bring about opportunities in which you can take action. For example: One time during a session, I suddenly felt that I was literally sitting on a plane. I felt that I was then hurled into space, still attached to my seat, and that I could see the ocean beneath me. I felt that I was a woman, but not myself. This happened in a matter of seconds and then I was back, paying attention to my client. Being "in the zone," as I call it when in session, makes me more likely to "pick up" such random energies. There was nothing I could do about this. Nothing. I did not even know what it meant. A day or so later, a woman was sucked out of the plane over the pacific ocean. I believe it was thru her eyes, that I felt this experience. I imagine that circumstances had come together at that time when I felt it that basically sealed her fate and I was just privy to, or vulnerable to, that random energy. It was not about me, nor was it my task to fix it-- I simply was a witness. However, on another occasion, I happened to feel the energy of a woman who had been murdered. I sensed certain physical sensations that belonged to her. Later on, I had the opportunity to speak to her family and to a policeman about what I felt. The opportunity came to me and I was called to "action." If you are feeling that your own psychic perception is growing, be aware that you may often feel things or see things, and some times there is something that you can do, but often, it will be just random energy, like radio waves on a radio, that will be filtering through.