Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strange visions

sometimes I have short, intense visions. Lately, I have had 3. The first one was this: I suddenly saw a fireball streaking thru a field of black. It was very intense. later i saw where Jupiter had been struck again by a comet so maybe I was just picking up on news. Next, while I was in session with a local lady who was talking about her rural WNC property, I had an intense vision of this: I saw a black cloud rise swirl and form from the ground-- it grew to an immense size and I saw it begin to take the shape of a native american man... an old man but warrior like. I felt a thought form-- something like - rising from the blood of his ancestors-- then it was gone. It felt important. Finally-- I saw a vision of what seemed to be Noah's Art... only there was a line of people going in by two's... not animals. (it seems animals were on board in hindsight) but a man (like one would imagine Noah) was ushering in the people as they were walking in slowly as the clouds had formed and it was beginning to lightly rain. I felt extreme changes in earth forming. So -- there you go, some visions for your amusment and/or edification.