Friday, July 17, 2009

what do we really know?

There is a Amazonian tribe called Piraha . These folks have no concept of numbers. They cannot count at all, nor do they wish too, really. They consider themselves a bit better than other humans and have no desire to be assimilated into Brazilian culture. They cannot understand that 1+1 = 2... nor can they draw. Even drawing a simple line is too much for them. Their small children, however (if I am not mistaken) can learn. The adults cannot. I wonder if perhaps we may be like that is a way-- what is beyond our current comprehension or out of our realm of current knowledge may be more than we can understand no matter how hard we try, IF we try. Some of us may feel we are superior beings, so why bother. Children, however, often feel/see interesting things, but Of course, we adults dismiss such as mere imagination. Not so long ago, satellite images of the ocean showed a great number of "rogue waves." Until the satellite proved it, scientists doubted it. No matter that fishermen had reported them for years. After all, what would an eye witness who had lived most of his life on the sea would know about rogue waves. I think that this is our human nature-- to disbelieve whatever seems too outlandish or unfamiliar to us, even though there are those who witness and report with alacrity and accuracy what they have seen. I wonder what else is out there, misunderstood, unknown, or ignored due to our human superiority.