Friday, July 17, 2009

ice cream, anyone?

A vanilla ice cream cone is a nice treat. It is plain and simple and it is what it is. however, if you stir in some cherries or chocolate chips, maybe coat it in some chocolate topping. maybe instead, add some mint or coffee to it-- it can be surprising good and very different--even exotic. I think 2 things when I think of this. One is, if you like astrology-- is the vanilla represents our sun sign. It is our fundamental base. The chips, sprinkles and coatings would be the different aspects etc that color the base personality and make it uniquely you. I also think of it like this. Maybe you find yourself vanilla and while that is a nice thing to be, you might decide that you would like to be someone new when you "grow up." So, you might add some new experiences (adding chocolate chips), or incorporate some new traits or habits that you might like to adopt into your personality through emulation, (stirring in some cherries) or perhaps moving into a whole different type of life. (coating in chocolate dip) . While you will always retain the basic you-- the vanilla base, the new you can be something utterly different-- just because you make the effort to create a better more interesting you.