Friday, June 26, 2009


Often we take a break from the hard work of being human to focus on something more-- on our spiritual purpose, or soul purpose-- the spiritual meaning of our life. Eventually, we get to a place where we need to get back to the mundane aspects of life and become absorbed in the daily business at hand. We may again visit the spiritual realm as a place of rest from the mundane. Sometimes, it is important to step away not only from the usual business but the hard work of being spiritually focused too! Spiritual development takes energy and sometimes it can be an intense process that sustains us-- but can also exhaust us. This is why taking time to simply play is important to us all. Not only does it provide a necessary respite from the hard work of our mundane lives, but it also allows the spiritual lessons to be absorbed and to be assimilated into our being. Often we neglect this important aspect to our lives as we feel too busy, too guilty or unworthy even of taking time for ourselves. We must remember that the cost of not entertaining the child within can be high in the long run and to have balance in our lives, it is an utter necessity.