Saturday, June 13, 2009

prediction updates

Today, I am trying to organize some of my earlier predictions that have come to pass this year. Of course, no one can predict with utter certainty upcoming events, but often, some things will be seen-- and if one's path does not change, perhaps some envisioned events may be in fact be destined. OKAY: In general, I predicted a volcano in NW, and Redoubt went out march 26. I predicted a Japanese political "thing"... a shake-up in government. Feb18th, financial chief resigns after drunk appearance with Mrs. Clinton. I predicted some deaths-- sports icon, significant musician, and religious leader. Also, a political figure suicide. so far:Barry Beckett, music producer, session musician and Koko Taylor, 80, American blues musician,Bill Kelso Relief pitcher MICHIGAN: Baseball Player Dom DiMaggio, Brother of Joe, Dies (2009 George Kell Dead David Kellerman, the acting Chief Financial Officer and Senior VP at (government sponsored) Freddie Mac, was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide at his home in Virginia. While he was not a politician, I feel it was the Fed. association that I felt. Religious leader dies in bombing Sat, June 13, 2009 Religious leader dies in bombing:Sarfraz Naeemia moderate, anti-Taliban cleric, had received death threats. I predicted a UFO event, that MAY have happened in England as almost immediately after my prediction a UFO was seen in area where a wind turbine was broken-- supposedly due to stress and not a collision. However, as I said, an octopus ufo was seen as were other lights. I also felt a new voice leading in the UFO community, which I feel is Edgar Mitchell. Early march, I predicted a major earthquake, that happened march 19th off Tonga. I predicted more volcanoes, seems to be happening with the undersea eruptions as of late. I predicted more to come and As of the 20th of February 2009, IG reported that the seismic stations Geophysical Institute have registered for days back a slight increase of the internal activity of volcano Guagua Pichincha. I feel yellowstone becoming more active. I said more frequent earth activity, and I stick with that. this from LA times in 08, which supports this: Last year saw a significant increase in the number of temblors of magnitude 3.0 or greater in Southern California and the northern portion of Baja California, according to data from Caltech and the U.S. Geological Survey. Jan. 3rd, a reader wrote: "a reader just wrote: You did great with the earthquake prediction the other night on coasttocoast!! Hope the people in Indonesia were listening."I also said that the black smoke that I predicted a few days earlier were most likely the black smoke ask from Gaza that were on TV on the 3rd as well. While I predicted this pre-blog-- I did predict a financial disaster in 04 to several clients, which is why I moved to a place that would be paid for, hopefully before 08.Also, February 20th , 2009 I predicted a woman gaining influence, a foreign woman.. I think that is " Zahra Rahnavard "the Iranian Michelle Obama." Rahnavard, a 64-year-old political scientist and sculptress who heads a university, has made an impact on Iranian politics. If Iran finally opens up to the world and buries the axe with America, she may even deserve some of the credit." (tom fenton-World News from GlobalPost) I felt new animal discoveries, Science News reported in Feb. 09: Many New Species Discovered In Hidden Mozambique Oasis With Help Of Google Earth ScienceDaily (Feb. 1, 2009) — Space may be the final frontier, but scientists who recently discovered a hidden forest in Mozambique show the uncharted can still be under our noses. BirdLife were part of a team of scientists who used Google Earth to identify a remote patch of pristine forest. An expedition to the site discovered new species of butterfly and snake, along with seven Globally Threatened birds. I know I predicted more but I can't remember them. I'll update when I can. If I predicted something for you you can feel free to post it here if you wish. These are just some that I felt for all of us as a whole.