Friday, June 12, 2009

a broken plant

One day not so very long ago, I sat on my porch swing and admired a jade plant of mine that was sitting on the bannister. As I sat there, it occurred to me that it was possibly the nicest plant that I had ever owned. I was amazed at the complexity of it many little branches and it little twists and turns. I thought it was so very balanced in relationship to it's pot. THEN-- without warning, it fell and broke into pieces. I felt literally sick to my stomach. I could barely stand to look at it but I could not stand to see it go either. I stuck broken pieces back into the dirt, set it near a window on the back porch and figured it was done for. I was wrong. The broken pieces took root and the plant actually thrived. It no longer resembled the shape/structure that it once did, but do you know what? It was even MORE beautiful now than ever. It spread out in a whole new direction and filled the pot even better than before. I could not have imagined the beautiful plant that it would become as I thought it's ultimate beauty had been reached prior to the sudden destruction it suffered. It is nice to know that such beauty can come from destruction and that while we may lack imagination, there can be something even better than what we know now.