Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ask angela-- is the sun is changing?

DEAR ANGELA: This morning Ellen and I both noticed that the sun was coming in our house in a very different way than we had ever noticed before. (The window behind my computer was very bright, which it never is. I sit in that exact spot every morning and have never seen it that way before...) It reminded me that my mother remarked a few weeks ago that "Everything is messed up. The sun is even coming through my windows wrong now". Have you heard anyone else say anything about this? Have you noticed anything? What do you think? DEAR KC: at first, I thought, no-- but then I remembered that this morning when I was outside at 6am, that it looked super bright-- like it was the middle of the day instead of early morning. So, yes, I did notice that. Later today, I mentioned this to my friend Kim L. She said YES-- and I think she will comment on this post soon. SO-- what is going on? I do not know, to be honest. It just feels like more of the same earth changes that have been happening for some time, and now perhaps there is a bit of speeding up taking place.