Friday, June 19, 2009

current energy

I think we may be thinking about security, money matters, home improvements and reflecting on our childhoods more than usual over the next few weeks. I also think that we will have to guard against unreasonable fears that might try to attach to us. Some of us will need to travel... not just because it is summer vacation time, but because we may just feel restless and have a need to wander-- but then also, a need to go home. Health matters may be highlighted as well, espcially digestive matters so eat healthy. We may find our psychic vibe is on high-- especially empathy. Moods may be a bit unsettled and expressing them may be difficult. However, our sense of humor may be piqued and laughing is nearly always a good thing. So, try and walk through any unreasonable fears that crop up, eat well, try and maintain emotional balance, and try and overlook people who are acting fearfully or out of charactor if you can. We may be extra critical if we are not careful, but this should pass. Working around our home or saving some money will help put our spirits right... as long as we take a little jaunt first if possible. N. Korea may be acting awful, but I am trying to be hopeful of a good outcome, but feel they might be troublesome for some time. Same for middle east. The tension I am feeling applies to countries as well as individuals. Fear makes people act just irrational. Oh, if you are creative, writing may be favored in near future. that's all for now. have a great weekend. ps- florida is getting my attention again, not sure why, but it is. also, feeling NW.. that feels like earth energy stuff again. I am feeling iran is a pressure pot, but again, hopeful of some settling down.