Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just for fun

So I'm talking on the phone with a new client. I am telling her what I'm "seeing" for her. I'm relaxed on couch, eyes closed in deep concentration as I say what I see and feel when I felt a tiny soft tap on my forehead. Startled, I open my eyes only to see a man's body leaning over me(aka james) maybe two inches from my face, as he had bent over and gave me a light kiss on my forehead.  It freaked me the heck out as I had no idea he was EVEN in the house so of course I yelled "waaaaah"at top of my lungs. My poor client of course heard me talking softly saying--- " ...and I feel there is a spirit watching over you--WAAAAH!!!!" Which I'm sure about gave her the same heart attack that he nearly gave me.  Life at the Moore's. I dunno. Maybe you had to be there. (Client laughed about it so no worries)