Friday, June 19, 2015

current energy

The next few weeks should bring in an energy that makes us remember where we have been in order to help us see where we are going.  We may be feeling restless and will likely be out and about- places to go, people to see.  Mom may be on our minds... or our "mom" skills could be put to good use. (care-taking, nurturer, boundary setting etc),  It is likely we will be feeling more creative and expressing that is favored.. tho at times, we may have trouble finding right words to express our deeper emotions. I do expect us to be feeling things at a deeper level in general.  It should be a time to have a bit of  gaiety tho, as we need to maintain our emotional balance in this crazy old world we live in.
Speaking of creative: I think I might actually start compiling my "Life at the Moore's" posts and turn them into another book. I may have a few other stories tucked away somewhere that I could use too. I would like to find an actual publisher tho.  No idea how to go about that properly and what I write is not what you might call best seller material! lol.   But I may do it for my own amusement regardless. (just would be fun getting paid! :) righting a paper column would be my dream job, but not holding my breath.. not yet. )
Ok, that's it for now.