Wednesday, September 20, 2017

event Sat, Oct 7th, 11am -1, MACA building, 50 S. Main St Marion

If you have some questions that you have always wanted to know about, and would like a chance to discuss them with a psychic and other like minded folks, this might be the just thing for you. I will take questions concerning all sorts of things paranormal as the energy of this particular audience guides me. We may be discussing spirits, guides, aliens, past lives, dreams, spirit cleansing.. whatever seems to fit the mood of the day. I think it will be an interesting day. I HOPE to set it up live on youtube or FB, but I am not certain that I will be able to do that at this time. Come early... space MAY be limited. As usual, there is no charge, but donations in any amount are greatly appreciated as it is through those that allow me to continue my work. -- let me know if you are coming as i may have to reserve seating or change venue if need be.