Thursday, December 31, 2015

happy new year!

I'm thinking of an episode of Spongebob where he said while skiing down a hill.. "life is extreme as you want to make it!" and I'm thinking that might apply to this year! It may be a year when people and events go to extremes. I feel that in order to balance this energy, it's important to stay centered and remain calm and focused as possible on hope and joy. We have to take care that we don't get caught up in other people's nonsense.
I think the year- or river of life- may start out as a pretty direct steady/calm current. Soon, however, I think that it may become more narrow and then we hit the rapids, where things happen quickly and we may feel excited or afraid or whatever one feels when things happen and one might not have a sense of control of it all. I feel that while we might be able to navigate when in calmer waters, it may be very difficult to navigate the rapids without help from our friends and a lot of focus and energy. Sometimes, when one is caught in rapids, it is best to just hold on and enjoy the ride as the river goes where it goes and often, at some level, we may have chosen this part of the river to ride anyway. If, however, we have been dropped into it-- well, there's nothing to be done but hang on and there it is.. just know it does end.. it is not a forever place.. the river of life does get calm again, and once again we can take up our oars and steer where we need to go. I am feeling that we will want to take advantage of the calm times to get our ducks in a row, to batten down hatches should they need battening and work on taking care of our health, home, security, family matters. Once we have done that, then, enjoy your life - get in the boat and enjoy the ride.
Sometimes, I feel I should say, we need to build a new home as our old one is not working for us anymore. It just doesn't fit. Or sometimes-- our home is just fine.. but things happen that we can 't control and it's knocked about. The thing is, by accident or design, the home gets leveled and what a mess that is. The thing is, the home can be rebuilt into something that is better for us- if we have paid attention and learned what it is that we actually require in a home. If we rebuild in the same way, we get same result and need a do over. If we learn to build right.. maybe we get an even better home that will meet our evolving needs. The point I am struggling to make is, I feel the status quo on this planet is to undergo tearing down and rebuilding and our job is to help rebuild it right or adapt to whatever is presented to us in whatever way is best for us as individuals. I am sorry to sound sort of loopy, but that is only way I can express what I feel in this particular format.
Meanwhile... please, make your new year a happy one if you can by focusing on what is joyful for you, by being good to others and practicing active love and by building a home on a firm foundation.
happy new year... make it a good one!