Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Here is a recent facebook post that I thought I would share... I may lose all your respect when you see this side of me, lol. But I'm posting it anyway, and more to come most likely.  :)
So we come out of the dollar store and head for my car, which U notice is dirtier than I remember from just this morning. James​ opens the back door and starts loading the packages. I open driver door only to notice my chihuahuas were missing. I'm in a panic as I am thinking they were stolen. I notice that for some bizarre reason that niece Lisa's ornamental Lea is hanging from the mirror. Confusion and fear sets in-- where are my dogs!! Then slowly slowly it connects in my mind-- heck this is not our car!! It's just some random black car! James, I say- this is not our car!! So he commenced to grabbing stuff (hopefully just our stuff) and throwing in back in buggy and was halfway across parking lot before I could get the car door closed and start running too. Hope the owner didn't see all that! Life at the Moore's