Tuesday, October 28, 2014

For Your Amusement: strange thing happened with james

     If you know my husband James, then you know where he is concerned, nothing should surprise me. However, this is just weirder than usual.  The other day, I walked into the kitchen and there was James, just standing there, looking on a shelf for something. I stopped in my tracks as I actually did not recognize him. Yet.. I could plainly see it was him! I made a rapid mental inventory - it's James's clothes, it's his height, his posture, his body and face, and it's clearly not my son. As I was rapidly analyzing this, I was alarmed for my health,  thinking maybe I was fixing to have a stroke, when our dog Martin casually walked in.  Martin also stopped abruptly, stepped back and started barking at James as if he were a stranger.  Finally, after a few seconds, things seemed normal again.  James later said that at that moment he had intense feelings of gloom.  I am thinking, and I feel I'm right.. he was stepping partially out of his body.  I did feel at first that maybe it was an attachment, but after further thought and conversation, I think he was a bit "out."  It happened again last night but just for a second. I am wondering why I should have to tell James to cut it out and get back in your body, but then again, it is James.