Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Thoughts

Feels like the drumbeats of war are sounding. People may be fixing to snap next few days so mind your gut feelings if you get them. I'm sure many will be having good luck too. Just an intense energy and Some world stuff going on that is karmic. Also feels like roving energy is wandering around looking for troubled people to influence  in ways we don't understand to do evil. (Like school stabbing sort if thing). Hopefully loving and stable people can correct imbalance. (Not holding my breath tho)
ADDITION:  on facebook comments and personal email, i had said the energy was like it was just before wwI, even tho i couldn't say why - it was energy that i felt.  i received email from a friend who said that feeling was basically explained and confirmed here:
(also on FB, i had said tuesday that i felt an explosion and one happened on wednesday, causing a town to be evacuated.  i hope to get more info coming in to share with you.)