Saturday, April 19, 2014


Wishing a happy Easter to those who celebrate it.. I know I do! :)
for your amusement:
GG vs. the GIANT BUNNY RABBIT.   I wanted to give the boy an Easter Basket but I didn't want to just say, it came from roses, as it is not quiet easter yet---so..I explained to him that:
 early this morning at just about dawn, i went outside on the back deck to get some air, when i looked down in the ravine and saw a bunny as big as me! i said that i figured that would be a good pet for him.. so i went down there, sneaked up on it and grabbed it!  however it started to kick me hard in my side, so i had to wrestle it down as hard as i could! i saw right then and there it would not be a good pet for him, but i thought, maybe we ought to just eat him! so i hollered for Poppy to get up out of bed and to bring the shot gun right now and hurry!! so poppy heard me carrying on and grabbed the gun and came running. he shot down there at us a couple of times but he missed! however, in all the excitement the bunny got away-- but-- i realized he had dropped that basket! a wonderful easter basket!! i grabbed it up and then i understood-- it was not some giant rabbit.. it was just the easter bunny!! i told dylan not to worry tho.. the easter bunny likes a good wrestling match and wouldn't be a bit mad and i was just glad he got away.  the end.  (life at the moore's, lol)