Thursday, February 13, 2014

strange thing that happened

This happened.
I decided to hold a class on 'aliens" in my home a few years back.  There was quite a crowd in my small home, but everyone seemed ready to enjoy it. Just when we were getting started, a couple, Michelle and Scott, showed up.  I opened the door to let them in, when I saw they had company standing very close behind them.  They apologized for being late, and explained that they had to stop by the airport to pick up their friends as their friends wanted to come as well.  Their three friends, 2 men and a woman, were dark complected and I assumed were native american as one fellow wore a beaded vest that one might find in Cherokee. The guys were about 35-40, the lady was middle aged and wore a green dress.  One of the men was very tall and serious looking.  Of course they were welcome and I invited them in.  Because they were unknown to me, I was concerned about making a good impression, as the other folks knew me and knew what to expect.  On a side note, I felt a lot of Aquarian energy in the room.  Although I am not an astrologer, I  asked how many happened to be Aquarius, and oddly enough, the entire left side of the room raised their hands.  Only one Aquarian was on the right- Scott- as he was standing with his wife. I want to add at this point, that my friends are intelligent, lovely and highly educated people- just in case you are wondering.
I proceeded with the class, and realized as we progressed that I knew little about aliens, and wondered what I was thinking when I set this class up. Folks seemed to be okay with it, however, although the tall man never smiled and just sort of stared at me. I worried a little about how he was feeling about things. We paused for a break, and I peeked into the kitchen where the folks were having mingling and having snacks and saw the lady standing alone, but wearing a pleasant expression. We continued the class and finally it was over, and the new folks were the first to leave. I walked them to the door and the man in the vest shook my hand, said they enjoyed it and I would be seeing them again. This was a great relief to me. I must have become distracted, as when I looked back, I saw them already in their silver car, rolling quickly on down the road. I thought it was so strange that my friends had to pick them up at the airport since they had their own car! 
  Finally everyone left, except my 2 friends, who wanted to stay and just chat for a while.  This is when things got weird. 
While we visitied on the porch and I mentioned that the tall man who came with them sort of made me nervous as he was so very serious, but that I hoped he liked me.  Scott did not respond at first, but finally said, after exchanging looks with Michelle, "we don't know what man you are referring too". I explained that I was referring to the tall man who came with them.  Again, they reassured me that they had no idea - as they had not seen nor brought a tall man with them.. at all.  I became quite agitated and excited put no matter how I described him, they were adamant that no one fitting that description was there, and certainly not there with them.  I called another friend later who had been there as well,  and told her about this, and she said that she did not see that man either.  This created a lot of confusion for me and I often thought about it and tried to sort it all out.
 A few years later, I gave a presentation in a restaurant in Little Switzerland which the my 2 friends attended. For whatever reason during this presentation, I repeated the story that I have just shared with you.  At this point, Scott interrupted, and explained that I had misunderstood what they had said.  Oh no.. I felt so embarrassed! Had I imagined that they did said they did not see this man? No...Scott explained,  what they told me was... they had seen NO ONE at all! They had brought NO ONE from the airport, had brought NO friends, and saw NO native Americans at all.  They said that they simply had not known what to say to me that day when I was talking about them being there.. as they had no idea why I thought they brought them or said they had been to an airport. Michelle assured me that she had a memory like a steel trap and that there were no native Americans there - much less any one they had brought. They had been totally confused by what I had been saying that day when I was referring to the three friends who were clearly with them!
   Because I had remembered so many Aquarians and how odd that they had sat together, I remembered many of the participants. I called them to see if anyone remembered the others that were there.  No one recalled anyone brown in the sea of white people there on that day. Another friend, Tena, said that as she herself was part native american,  she would have made sure to have spoken with them, much less noticed them.
I have to this day, no explanation as to whom these people were, and I have not seem them, as far as I know, since. I can't help but wonder if the subject matter had anything to do with it. If so, I hope they weren't too disappointed in whatever I was saying that day.