Sunday, November 17, 2013


stop reading now if spirit stuff weirds you out.  just sharing..
i dreamed that a girl, average size, jeans, light hoodie, short light choppy blonde hair was being kidnapped and murdered by a man-or men- with a tire iron. i didn't want to see it.. so i woke myself up..  but i fell back asleep. this time, i dreamed she followed james into the house. i feel she is might connected to a client and so i am waiting to see. meanwhile, i will help her, so don't be worrying about it, i am, as i said, just sharing.
ok, while i am on weird.. felt a "shudder" in the universe again, that means something big in the works.  It doesn't have to be bad, tho so don't worry about that either.  As i said, i am just sharing stuff. t