Monday, October 28, 2013

Just a psychic flash & thoughts

Often I get "flashes" pertaining to current events that later are validated. They are very random and sometimes have to do with world events. The latest was the other day, when I felt some sort of shocking news from or about whitehouse/president. Of course, that may be nothing new! Just sharing as I have nothing better to do at this particular moment. Just FYI. 

I do have a sense of time speeding up- of an abundance of transitional energy released- of spiritual awakening. I think we are hurtling toward change. I feel that others feel it too, and that maybe there is an opportunity to slow it down- or speed it up- but the time has come for life as we know it to rewrite itself. Maybe it's not even a big deal- maybe it's something g that happens every so often. Maybe it is a big deal- but one in slow motion. Either way, I feel many are being awakened to the idea that- for whatever reason- it is simply "time."  
Thought for the day.