Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Be open to guidance and it will come

  I am thinking that when we ask for guidance, it will come. Sometimes, we don't know what to ask for, but we know something is missing.   I feel at that time, we can ask to be shown what to ask for.  I think, actually, that we are often given desires to pursue certain things or ideas -- so that as we work toward fulfilling those desires we are be guided toward a higher purpose.  I feel sometimes we are given clues, that our unconscious mind will recognize, even if we don't get it consciously. Usually, these signs are in the form of repeated coincidence.  If you don't get it, just let it go, and ask to be shown or know at some level, it's in your mind/spirit for when you need it. Like a dream, we create the symbols we dream of, tho at times, at a conscious level, it sees like a mystery to us. Sometimes, we might see an animal that gets our attention in a big way.  Maybe that is a spirit guide saying that the energy that the animal represents is available to you, to show you the path you are on, or bring some awareness to you, etc.
  The thing is, we can get all frustrated and bent out of shape trying to sort things out, and sometimes we feel totally lost.  Trust that what you need is there, and you will get it, even it is not obvious at first. Ask, and it (guidance, information, direction etc) will be given.