Monday, June 24, 2013

recent insights

I'm thinking that some previous dream/visions might be even more symbolic than i realized, rather than literal. I'm thinking that I am learning to intrepret them as this becomes clearer. I feel I'm seeing certain important world events in symbolic form. For example a while back I dreamed "snow in summer"- which I shared with many of u.  I dreamed/heard today in wee hours of my inner voice reminding me of that and pointed out -snow(den) in summer-
So, while I don't know -- I'm not claiming to know anything- I'm just wondering if this is helping me to understand and interpret future dreams in a meaningful way.
     Im just writing stuff I think about right now. Don't over think it. It's just that  what I'm getting world wise- is there has been a downloading of energy for some time now and is available to everyone who can "assimilate" it-- for lack of a better word. Its purpose it to effect needful or timely change. I feel the world right now is sort like a snow globe when shaken. The snow (downloaded energy from universe) is everywhere when shaken and takes a while to settle.