Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time Out

One thing that I have learned is the need for balance in one's life. Too often we get caught up in work, or in pursuit of something and forget about the need to care for one's self properly. Maybe we just feel we can't stop or feel undeserving or fearful of change or taking a break.  It seems maybe more noble to keep pushing or perhaps we are afraid of losing out if we let go for a moment. It seems to me tho, that by not stepping back and reflecting, or taking a break, or on occasion letting go can create much more trouble than not doing that. To be at our best, or to have proper perspective we need balance. We need to honor our body's need for rest, our mind's need for recreation and to gain perspective by stepping back to see a situation or perhaps a relationship better.  A tired person can make mistakes or bring harm to one's physical being. so, if you are out of balance, take a break or change things up a bit- have fun and enjoy your life while you can. Focus on sleep, eating, friends-- whatever. Do that or the universe might do it for you-- so take care of you.  I know I need to do that and will be taking a week to rest my mind, and if you need that, make sure you do the same as soon as you can too. :)