Thursday, June 9, 2011

reality or just another drama

I had this weird dream. I was dreaming a cartoon dream over and over where a couple of characters were carrying a box—or maybe a TV—and they kept dropping it and having it explode. Then I would hear a voice that said to remember this, that is why I was seeing it over and over-- this was a warning of something to come, then it would replay.
I think it means that certain dramas or dire predictions even, seem to happen over and over, always with the same result. However, they are more of a farce than anything-- and it is more illusion than reality. Also certain dramas seem to happen over and over with the same result-- over and over. happy go lucky-- bringing in the new-- then big bust up-- then start over. Things seem to end, but they just keep cycling as long as we let them.
I imagine there comes time we have to change our response-- change the way we do things in order to get a better result. or perhaps, we should not take every perceived drama to heart-- perhaps it is all just so much drama and not much more.