Friday, April 30, 2010


As some of my clients may recall, during several sessions over the past few months, I felt energy getting my attention in the Gulf area. Now, I see why. Often, while in the "psychic zone," I will pick up things like this that are world related in addition to the individual. Lately, I have had a dream where the earth "spoke" to me, symbolized in the form of a dark skinned woman. I felt that she would tell me things that I could repeat to others. However, I felt overwhelmed and I do not consciously recall what was said. I also felt the spirit that was also embodied in the form of a fair skinned woman, whom seem to be related to the sky-- or even to the image of Mary... i just know she is related to healing energy. I am thinking that I should focus more on this, see what comes thru and blog it. It is difficult tho, as I fight my own demons and have a hard time turning off the inner judge. I hear my self speaking and feel unworthy to be saying some of the things I say, or worse-- feel I am delusional. Still, when what I have seen in my mind is actually carried out in this reality, I am giving more courage to continue with what I do, tho I still struggle. I do not wish to be a harbinger of doom, nor a fear-monger-- I hope to receive messages of an uplifting nature, tho it seems that we are almost certain to see more destruction (self) to take place as we transition to a higher level.