Saturday, February 13, 2010

strange vision

Often when in session, I will see, feel or know things. I try to get them posted, but sometimes-- often-- I forget them by the time I get to the computer. It is good and I appreciate it when my clients remind me of things that I say, then come to fruition. Yesterday, I "saw" a large passenger plane flying very low over a city and I felt a bit of panic. It seems, however, that the client (this was unknown to me) had a direct connection with their job to low flying planes, tho not in passenger planes. Perhaps My mind just created the plane I am most familiar with. Regardless, I thought i would mention it here. I am continuing to feel earth shifting, almost as if the earth is weary of us. I feel that the future can bring us a better time, but it also seems as if there is a need to have things handy, like, a garden, chickens maybe- good preventative health, stuff like that. I'm not worried, just seems like a good idea if you can swing it. ps, a while back, i "saw" fighter jets in action, and i believe that is happening now in afganistan.