Tuesday, January 5, 2010

last year's predictions- updated 1/15

okay, these are predictions from last year that came to pass:

I felt a significant musician would die, obviously this was MJ.

I felt a major religious figure would die, and i think that was oral Roberts.

I am thinking the suicide of a politician was the man from the federal banking, I forget his name.

I predicted UFO voices becoming louder, and I THINK that is happening. I feel the astronauts who have come forward are the new voices.

I felt some sort of Japanese upset and 2 or 3 days after making that prediction, the faux pas with the Japanese minister who was meeting with Hillary Clinton occurred. (where he showed up under influence)

I felt that there might be episodes of Bill Clinton in spotlight, but not succeeding at keeping in it, and i think that happened.

I felt an earthquake/volcano in NW and that happened within a few days of prediction with the volcanic activity in Alaska.

I think i felt more, but that is all I remember at the moment.  of course, i predicted other things throughout the year as well, but too many to recall at this time.

Oh I felt Oprah might learn to love her body, but I have not heard her say so, so that may not happen, but it should.
(THIS WAS UPDATED--she in fact DID say this)
I felt a celebrity couple being sick of each other but heck that could be most of them, ha-ha, so who knows. UPDATED: I also forgot that i predicted a threat from space which happened shortly after i felt that last new year's, when an asteroid narrowly missed earth.