Thursday, January 28, 2010

ghost cat

i put some more stuff on YOU TUBE, link below right. James and I both feel kitty Tuesday came to visit in spirit last night. I might blog about it--- I had to get up late night or wee hours in order to make sure I had turned down the furnace. I got a whiff of a bad smell—the smell of cat spray. I immediately thought of poor Tuesday as she would accidently wet herself when she had seizures. It was pretty strong and I could not figure it out as no other cat that I have has ever made that happen in the house—ever. I was too sleepy to cope though so I went back to bed. James woke up shortly afterwards and got up as he often does. He knew nothing of what I had experienced. He told me the next morning that he saw kitty Tuesday when he first came into living room. he said he saw her scurry under the end table and under couch. he said the other 2 cats seemed to see her too, and just sort of did their “soft” purr sound that they make when they greet a friend. so, do animals come back? i think so. cats seem to make a reappearance" more than most animals, followed by dogs and horses.