Friday, January 8, 2010

Evp update

Re: evp from previous blog

We listened to the edited (clarified) evp on my computer the other day just to hear it again. (see previous entries) This time, it was clearly my own voice saying, "that's non-negotiable". I say that many times when in session.
Why we (myself, james, and a friend) were suddenly able to understand it, or if it suddenly became clear on it's own, I have no clue.
I cannot bring myself to listen to it again, not right now. I don't like to stir things up, and I fear I will.
This was a digital recording. You can hear both versions on here in previous entries.

You know, my voice has been heard years before on a tape, but it was not me, it was a new tape! The more we listened, the clearer it sounded too. (it said, thru static, "angela, leave us ---messages---) Also, I -and others- heard what sounded like my voice in our previous home calling their name at various times. I heard my own named called, even, and I thought it was my daughter who sounds like me.

Just gets weirder and weirder. Go figure.