Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, 2010

I am wishing you all a happy holiday season.  As I already wrote to some of you, this is what I am feeling for the year ahead in general:

 I am in hopes that 2010 will be an even better year for us all, but make sure money is a top priority, especially thru January. Also, make sure that health gets top treatment near beginning of year as well.  Safety or security matters is to be highlighted, but I am feeling spiritual matters are to take on added significance. I expect this year will teach us lessons of discipline, but also of freedom. If anyone gets in our way, it will not be a good thing as we will seek the freedom to search out our goals and express ourselves in a way that suits us best. We will need to take care and not be overly impatient though, as we can get in our own way if so. Breaking old patterns will be favored, and learning deeper lessons concerning spirituality is also on the horizon. Growth on many levels is likely. Relationship issues will also be getting our attention as they will reflect our growth or hinder it, as the case may be. I am feeling we may struggle with what we believe in, and what we hope for. I expect we will sort it out in due time, though. Beware of people who will be spreading untruths this year—people who will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Trust your gut, your instincts, and keep heart and head in balance as of course, is something we should all do.

I wish you a happy new year-- hope you will check back here again too.