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It was after midnight when Tony picked me up from work and drove me home on a Saturday night. Our two young children, Jayme and Dusty, rode in the back seat of our car and we were happily discussing our memories of the recent Christmas holidays and looking forward to New Year’s resolutions. As we arrived and slowly drove by the front of home, Tony stopped the car suddenly. Our carefree chatter quickly ended as we all looked at the strange sight presented to us in our picture window.

 There was a baby doll leaning against the window, its’ face pressed against the pane, both hands cupped against it’s vinyl head.  It seemed to be peering out of the glass into the darkness of the street.  The entire room was bathed in a dim yellow light.  My husband remarked that it was a very eerie sight and I had to agree.  We sat there and nervously chuckled at how it seemed to be a scene from The Twilight Zone.  We were assuming that our daughter had left the doll lying on the back of the sofa that normally was under the window, and that the pose was entirely accidental. 
Then it dawned on us:  the sofa had been moved to make way for the Christmas tree, and though the tree had been removed, the sofa had not yet been returned to its usual place.  My husband then wondered aloud about the source of the light, as no lights had been on when he left home earlier.  
Amused curiosity was replaced with a sense of unease.  I began to wonder too: what could that doll be resting on?  Perhaps the windowsill, I thought.  We pulled onto the carport and cautiously entered the house.  To our amazement, the doll was completely across the room, lying casually in a chair. No light was on at all.  We looked at one another in disbelief and decided to leave it alone and simply go to bed. We have yet to understand the forces that compelled a doll to watch for our homecoming, but that is one holiday memory that I will never forget.

NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL (newspaper article winner)

My husband James has decided to stop smoking- I just hope the he-- and I-- will survive the transition.
Lately one morning, he seemed to be taking it especially hard. Since James is the sweetest man ever, this morning was especially hard to imagine.
We needed air in a tire so we pulled up to an air/vacuum machine which was still running from previous use.  However, it was a mischievous machine-- a prankster type that enjoys keeping money and blowing when it should have sucked, etc.  He literally leapt from the still rolling truck while throwing into park in mid jump-- yelled at me to jump out quickly and unscrew the cap of the tire, grabbed the hose and ran racing around the truck when it stopped running the second he touched it to the tire valve. It stopped the second it touched the valve. He was so aggravated, but we finally dug up 3 quarters. He put them in the machine, and -- NOTHING. I think it might have sniggered, but NO air. James lost it. He decided to teach it a lesson it would not soon forget and gave it a swift kick right in it's CEMENT bottom.  The machine secretly laughed. James then did a dance– not unlike a monkey on a drunken binge. He was mad though and figured he could take it out with his bare hands and began to b-slap it about on it’s stainless steel body. The machine was slightly interested but held firm to it’s principles and James’s money. James did another dance interpretation of the dance of the broken hand. He then swore he would take complete vengeance and cut up the hose. Fortunately, james does not carry a knife. he did however whip out a lighter and preceded to attempt to set it on fire. At this point, the machine actually became concerned for James’s well being and blew out the lighter, and I managed to get him in the truck.  Poor James finally settled down and we went to the next store where we preceded to insert 2 quarters into a nicer machine which kindly gave us air. Since there was some time left over, James took the vacuum hose and switched it over to vacuum for the remaining time. Evidently, the other machine had sent this one an email telling him of James and his antics because (and I am not making this up) the second he switched it to vacuum, the hose grabbed on full force to his crotch. James did not know whether to be afraid, attacked or pleasured but he was certainly surprised. He disengaged himself, slunk over to the truck, and vacuumed his side of the vehicle silently.
Evidently the withdrawal was not over.
Sometimes, James will wake me up in middle of the night frozen in terror because of something had has startled him. He enjoys spreading the fear around as he will whisper loudly and deeply into my sleeping ear "a-n-n-n-g-g-e."  This of course wakes me up with the onset of yet another heart attack, but He seems to think that I am capable of fending off any sort nightly intruders.
            That night, on my way to bed, I noticed that James had plugged in something to be charged. It was glowing green, and I thought nothing of it.
            I had finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep when James's terrified voice filters in-- "a-a-a-annnnggge... what is that?" referring to the glowing light. It seems that it appeared to James to be in the sky and headed toward our bedroom. I tried to explain to no avail. I reassured him it was his charger. He denied it was his charger, and in fact doubted in the existence of chargers altogether. He felt certain, in fact, that it was aliens and they were coming straight for us. In fact, he was quite convinced they were flashing green right in our room. He said later he wanted to pray but couldn't find the words to do so.
I’m hopeful the nicotine is gone for good so that James can relax and finally, so can I.